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Where Did You Eat?

DVD now available!

Long before fast food chains came to Cleverland, every community had its small local eating establishments.  These restaurants became a part of the character of the community.  These were places where family and friends gathered for meals and to enjoy each other's company.

Among the memorable eating establishments in Cleveland, Tennessee were The Grand Lunch, Snack House #2, The Ever Ready Café, The Country Kitchen and Dooley's Ice Cream Parlor.  And of course The Rebel and The Spot which remain staples in our community to this day.

Seven local residents share their memories of their favorite eating establishments.  This documentary is sure to bring back your fond memories of eating at local restaurants.  Where did you eat?

51 minute documentary

Featured interviews by John Cook, Bob "Boog" Sherlin, Jerry Frazier, Andrew Johnson, Ron Moore, Cathie Elkins and Chip Bryant.

Check you local newpapers fo the preimre showing!!

Where Did You Eat?


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ISBN – 978-0-9744825-1-4

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