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Cleveland, Charleston, McDonald, Georgetown, Benton, Athens, Calhoun, Buck's Pocket, Caney Creek, Riceville, , Tasso, Old Field, and Southeast Tennessee

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Live!  Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. EST on WOOPFM 99.9 or www.woopfn.com

"Where history is never forgotten!"

Ron and Debbie Moore

     Debbie Moore has been a teacher for 30 years in the local school system. In addition, she serves as the Vice-President of the Bradley County Historical & Genealogy Society,serves on the Board of the Blythe Ferry Cherokee Removal Memorial Park and the Board of Historic Fort Hill Cemetery. Debbie is an avid researcher of local history and has become nicknamed "The Graveyard Diva" for all her work in locating and documenting lost graveyards. She has written several family history books.

      Ron Moore worked for the local cable company for over 20 years before retiring in September of 2000.He is very active in supporting local high school sports. Ron also enjoys researching history and likes finding the "untold stories". Debbie says, "He can remember tons of old knowledge but is never sure when my birthday is." Ron also played for many years for the local music group Tennessee T.  He edits and directs video and fim projects.

     Join Ron and Debbie Moore every Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. to relive the history of Cleveland, Bradley County, and the surrounding area. You will hear stories about the places, people and things that helped shape our home town. 

Only on WOOP FM 99.9 or www.woopfm.com

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