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Epperson Family Scrapbook, part II  --completed in 2008 for the Epperson Family reunion in Tennga, Ga. The book reviews the family histories of the  late Henry Joseph Epperson and Matilda Hayes Epperson. The book has soft covers and has about 100 pages.  The book has information and pictures about the  decendents of Joseph Epperson from Virginia.  Joseph's great-grandson Jesse Epperson settled in Bradley County, TN before the Removal of the Cherokees.

$20 plus $4 shipping


The Dunn Family Scrapbook-- completed in 2009 to honor the heritage of Henry Joseph Epperson's mother, Rhoda Jane Dunn.  Her grandfather was Rev. War soldier, Daniel Dunn (1761-1822).  The family lived in Virginia, Green County, TN, Blount County, TN (where they owned much of what is now Townsend, TN) and Murray County, Georgia.  The book has a soft cover is about 150 pages and about 170 old family pictures.

$30.00 plus $5 shipping


The Frazier Family of Bradley County, Tennessee --completed in 2008--the book has information and pictures on the Martin Frazier family of Bradley County,Tennessee.  It has a soft cover--it has about 50 pages.

$15.00 plus $4 shipping


The Swan Cemetery  This local cemetery had not been cleaned in generations.  The Valley View Ruritan Club adopted the cemetery in 2007.  This book is a survey of the graves in the cemetery and some family facts about the people buried there.  Families include:  Frazier, Ghan, Hayes, Prince and Fox families.

$8.00 plus $4 shipping


The Bell Detachment:  A Trail of Tears Journey from the Hiwassee River to Brown's Ferry-- a 50 page report (including index and appendix) outlining the Trail of Tears group led by John Adair Bell.  They took an alternate route since they supported the Pro-Treaty group and were not John Ross supporters.  They came thru downtown Cleveland, Tn to Collegedale on to Ross's Landing where they crossed the Tennessee River three times before leaving the area.  The book includes numerous color pictures of landmarks on the trail.  The book covers the first few days of the 89 day trip of the 650 Cherokees led by John A. Bell and Lt. Edward Deas.  Researched by Debbie Moore and Shirley Lawrence.

$12.00 plus $4 shipping

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