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Caney Creek Village Documentary

     Twenty one year old Will Moore, along with his parents Ron and Debbie have made a 45 minute documentary about Caney Creek Village.  The village was located near Ocoee Powerhouse #2 on the Ocoee River in Polk County, Tennessee.  The workers of the powerhouse and flume line lived in the isolated mountains but had electricity, concrete sidewalks and indoor plumbing.  The village had no roads or cars but had a trolley, hotel, school and a tennis court.  Six former residents were interview to tell the story of Caney Creek Village.  The documentary was written and narrated by Debbie Moore, filmed by Will Moore and edited by Ron Moore.  Original music was written and played by John Cook.

    Free viewings:

July 12 and July 13 at Gee Creek Campground in Polk County, Tennessee.  These are outdoor viewings and will begin at dark. 

July 15-- Chattanooga Film Society will host a viewing at the Heritage House located on Jenkins Road near East Brainerd Road.  The film will start at 6pm

Sunday, May 19, 2013 @ 2PM


First Baptist Church, Benton, TN

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"Going Home" - The Caney Creek Village Story  DVD

$14.95 plus $1.20 shipping


The History of Caney Creek  Village  BOOK

6"x9", 68 page, paperback that tells the story of Caney Creek Village, includes over 90 photos

$12.00 plus $2.00 shipping


Caney Creek DVD and Book Combo

$24.95 plus $2.30 shipping


To Order by Check

Send $16.15 for Caney Creek DVD

Send $14.00 for Caney Creek Book

Send $27.25 for DVD & Book Combo

Send to

Caney Creek Project

c/o Debbie Moore

PO Box 981, Cleveland, TN 37364

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